About Dr. Vallecillos

About Dr. Glenn Vallecillos, MD, FACS

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon In Beverly Hills

About Dr. Vallecillos

Professional  Accomplishments

Glenn Vallecillos MD FACS serves clients from all across the globe and has a practice emphasis on minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation surgery and revision surgery of the nose and breasts. Doctor Vallecillos was the first plastic surgeon in the world to combine the VASER-assisted high-definition lipoplasty with Inmode’s RFAL FaceTite and Bodytite platforms, creating the ultimate definition available in hyper-esthetic 4D body contouring.

Dr. Vallecillos is an active national speaker and a regular contributor to esteemed publications such as the European Journal of Plastic Surgery. He a Senior Faculty Member of Palette/Scientiae, providing continuing medical education training to nurses, PAs, physicians and surgeons throughout the United States and beyond. He has worked as a clinical investigator for Mentor Corporation, sits on the Advisory Boards for Allergan, Suneva, and Hans Biomed, and was the Chief Investigator for the Coapt Systems Novielle Injectable Filler Study.


Glenn Vallecillos, MD, FACS completed his undergraduate education at The University of California, Los Angeles. Glenn Vallecillos, MD, FACS underwent his clinical medical training at St. Bartholomew’s and the Royal Medical College in London, England, and then trained in general surgery at Ann Arbor’s St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Affiliation with the University of Michigan. Doctor Vallecillos completed his fellowship training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Providence & St. John’s Medical Center in Southfield, Michigan.

Personal Life

Doctor Vallecillos is the son of Spanish immigrants and descends from generations of mathematicians, engineers, and theologians. He and his wife, Drue, call West Los Angeles and Jackson, Wyoming “home”. They welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby girl in the fall of 2019.  In their leisure time they enjoy traveling, surfing, backcountry snowboarding, and spending time with their family and three dogs.


“We provide a service that spans far beyond a surgical procedure or a treatment” says Dr. Vallecillos. “At its fundamental level, every surgery is deeply rooted to a person’s sense of well-being and sense of self-confidence. We partner closely with our patients and strive to establish strong relationships with them. Indeed, we consider many of our patients, ” family’”, and I can confidently say, they would agree.  We are  committed to exceeding our clients’, at each and every touch point.”

About Dr. Vallecillos
About Dr. Vallecillos
About Dr. Vallecillos
About Dr. Vallecillos
About Dr. Vallecillos

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years have you been a practicing plastic surgeon?

My first year out of residency was in 2005


Describe your philosophy and approach to cosmetic enhancement and treatment of patients

Philosophy: Superior advice predicated upon evidence-based medicine, innovative insight, and efficient execution.

Treatment goals: Create a natural appearing, balanced aesthetic enhancement that complements the patient’s unique features.



What’s most important to you when treating patients?

Comfort and security: We strive to achieve the ultimate customer experience. In surgery, much like professional sports, talent typically prevails. Championships however, are won by the teams who subscribe to organizational excellence. Accordingly, with good surgical planning and sound judgment, the majority of routine surgeries follow fairly predictable outcomes. Hence, customer service makes the experience complete. That’s what ultimately differentiates you as a surgeon from the masses. And that is our goal: to exceed our clients expectations.


What does a consultation with you entail?

Initially, patient information is gathered including photographs, salient medical history, and aesthetic goals. Next, I perform a comprehensive consultation utilizing videos and interactive patient education software. Following the consultation, the patient reviews the surgical procedure, peri-operative plans, and financials with the surgical consultant.


What steps does your office take to augment comfort?

We offer several features to augment comfort: A VIP waiting area, complimentary beverage menu, and Wi-Fi connectivity, and complementary usage of iPads.