Hello. I am Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Glenn Vallecillos, MD, FACS. I want to welcome you to my Upper Lip Lift Surgery page. I routinely performs upper lip lift surgery to complement complex facial rejuvenation procedures including face lift surgery for the correction of a long upper lip.

Upper lip lift surgery is designed to reduce a long upper lip, which naturally elongates with the aging process. The procedure itself takes about an hour and may be performed under a local anesthetic or general anesthesia, depending on your preference and other factors. During the surgery, I will strategically remove the excess skin beneath the nose to make the upper lip area look less elongated, resembling a youthful state. The lips will appear lifted and the smile will be more proportioned. Scarring will be minimal since the incisions are close to the base of the nose where they can be easily concealed.

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Procedure Walk Through

  1. Preparation: To prepare for an upper lip lift, discontinue the use of blood-thinning vitamins, herbs, and medications for two weeks before surgery. If you smoke cigarettes, you should quit for at least two weeks before and after surgery. If you are over the age of 45, medical clearance by an independent physician may be required before undergoing surgery with a general anesthetic..
  2. Anesthesia: Depending on the individual patient and circumstances, a sedative with a local anesthetic or general anesthesia may be used.
  3. Preoperative Consult: Arrive at your preoperative consult prepared to discuss your desired results. I will ask you a number of questions, including those relating to your current and prior medical and surgical history as well as your motivation in seeking lip augmentation. Pictures are taken and likely outcomes are discussed. This is also when we will discuss details regarding your pre-and post-operative instructions. Additionally, you should prepare your own list of questions for the doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a candidate for upper lip lift surgery?

Upper lip lift surgery is typically performed on patients who have a long upper lip and desire to shorten the distance between the nose and the upper lip, resulting in a more balanced and youthful appearance.

Are there risks or side effects with upper lip lift surgery?

Complications are rare, but as with any surgery, they do exist. Risks with upper lip lift may include damage to the nerves in the lip region. Scar tissue may also form. Both of these would require additional procedures to remove. Other risks include bleeding, infection, facial asymmetry, among others.

How long do the results last?

Although an upper lip lift will yield long-term results, aging is a continual process. You can help to maintain results for as long as possible by practicing good sun protection and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.