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Mommy Makeovers performed by Dr. Glenn Vallecillos

The Mommy Makeover in Beverly Hills has become an exceedingly popular procedure. The Mommy Makeover consists of multiple cosmetic procedures created to restore the patient back to her pre-pregnancy appearance. The most common procedures I perform in mommy makeovers combine  breast and abdominal procedures, For example:  

Depending on what your particular needs are, I will customize a treatment plan to best fit your individual needs and desires. For example, a patient who is looking to increase the shape and size of their breasts will typically need a breast augmentation. Commonly, a breast lift is also necessary for restoring a patient’s breasts’ to their original state by removing excess sagging skin, and reconstructing stretched areolas and drooping nipples.

 Additionally, a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), will help correct a flabby abdomen due to poor elasticity, excess skin, stretching, and fat. The procedure involves removing excess skin and fat, tightening the fascia (connective tissue over the muscle), and removing stretch marks.  In some cases, I will perform Vaser-assisted liposuction (lipoplasty) to complement the tummy tuck procedure. Areas commonly addressed include the hips, medial thighs, and flanks.  


 Mommy Makeover Procedure 


  1. Preparation: Begin preparing for your procedure at least two weeks ahead of time, especially if you take blood thinning medications or smoke. Blood thinning medications include NSAIDs like aspirin and Ibuprofen as well as certain vitamins and supplements like Gingko biloba.

 Before surgery, achieve your target weight and maintain it for at least two months. Exercise at least 30 minutes each day, and follow a healthy diet with reduced alcohol intake (two or three drinks per week).

 Prepare for your recovery time. This includes someone to take you to and from surgery, someone to stay with you the first night or two, and childcare for at least two weeks following surgery if you have children under the age of five. Housework and driving are also strictly forbidden during this time, so make appropriate arrangements well before your surgery, including backup care in the event you require it.

 2. Anesthesia: This varies depending on which procedures you choose. Discuss your anesthesia options with me during your preoperative consultation, including general, local, and sedation. 

3. Preoperative Consult: I use this time to discuss the procedures you chose, your desired outcomes, and ensuring that your goals are realistic. I also ask a variety of medical questions; honest answers are vital to ensure a successful outcome. This includes information on your medical history, allergies, previous surgeries, and recreational drug and alcohol use.

 Additionally, my staff will provide detailed pre- and post-operative instructions. Follow these exactly to ensure optimum results.


 Mommy Makeover

 Since the Mommy Makeover may include a variety of procedures, we describe the three most common. For each, appropriate anesthesia is administered prior to the beginning the procedure.

 In a tummy tuck, the doctor makes an incision, usually along the bikini line, and removes excess fat and skin in the lower abdomen (between the belly button and pubic area). He then tightens the abdominal muscle fascia, repositions the skin around the belly button, and closes the incision.

 Liposuction uses small incisions in the fat removal area. I then insert a small, hollow rod called a cannula, through which he suctions the fat. Finally, I apply dressings and a compression garment.

 Incision placement for a breast lift depends on your unique needs. After making the incisions, I then reshape and reposition tissues and remove excess breast skin. Finally, I tighten remaining skin and closes the incisions, creating a youthful, elegant breast contour. 

 Lastly, if a patient has experienced looseness and sagging in the buttocks area, a Brazilian butt lift may be necessary. During a Brazilian butt lift, liposuction is generally utilized in all of them to remove unwanted fatty deposits, or to extract fat cells from other areas of the body for insertion in the butt as part of an augmentation.  This will help to create an hourglass figure and increase classic feminine features.


 Mommy Makeover FAQs


 Who is a candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

 If pregnancy negatively affected your appearance, and diet and exercise have not worked to restore it, you may consider undergoing this procedure. Common complaints are sagging, uneven breasts; loose skin and stretch marks in the abdomen; and an undefined waistline.

 If you enjoy good health and have maintained your ideal weight for at least two months, and do not plan to have any more children, you are an ideal candidate for this procedure.


 What is the recovery time for a Mommy Makeover?  

Recovery time for multiple procedures occurs simultaneously, one of the benefits of the Mommy Makeover. I will discuss the details of your particular recovery time thoroughly during the consultation. 

Pain is most significant during the first few days, especially after a tummy tuck. You will receive a prescription to manage pain. In five to seven days, pain lessens considerably. You should also have a follow-up visit around this time, at which time your drainage tubes are removed. By the end of the week, you should be able to walk around the house frequently, but you may not drive. 

Within two weeks, you feel much better and may resume some of your normal activities, including childcare. However, you may not lift heavy weights (including your children), or engage in strenuous exercise for the full six-week recovery time. 

Remember, you require a great deal of help during the first two weeks, both with caring for your child or children, and in performing housework.


Are there risks or side effects associated with a Mommy Makeover? 

Follow postoperative instructions exactly to reduce risks and aid healing, such as safe activity levels and wearing of compression garments. 

Risks and complications are minimal with these procedures, but all surgeries pose certain risks. These include bruising, swelling, allergic reactions, and scarring. 

The scar from a tummy tuck follows natural creases in the bikini area. Liposuction scars are small and the doctor attempts to obscure them by making incisions in hidden areas. Breast surgery scar placement varies, depending on the surgery or surgeries you choose. Some are hidden among the contours of the breast, while others are visible but fade over time.


 How long do mommy makeover results last? 

As long as you do not undergo further pregnancies, mommy makeover results should be permanent. However, normal aging and its signs occur. Breast implants, though, are not permanent, and need to be replaced every ten years. 
















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