The Lumenis Total FX uses a CO2, or carbon dioxide, laser to resurface skin and remove deep lines, facial wrinkles, and scars. The laser works by applying a focused beam of light to the skin, removing damaged layers. This reduces heat damage and encourages the production of collagen, which allows for the regeneration of the skin.

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Procedure Walk-Through

  1. Preparation: There are several steps a patient can take to prepare for a CO2 laser treatment. Sunbathing should be avoided as it can increase the chance of post-procedural hyper-pigmentation, or darkening of the skin. Exfoliating agents should also be avoided for a few weeks before your scheduled appointment. Dr. Vallecillos may also provide certain agents to be used on the face in preparation for the treatment, which can include bleaching agents and glycolic acid. You should use these for six weeks before the procedure to minimize the risk of discoloration and maximize healing.
  2. Anesthesia: If the treatment is contained to small areas of the face, local anesthesia will be administered by injection. If the treatment will extend to the entire face, general or intravenous anesthesia may be used to minimize a patient’s discomfort.
  3. The laser is applied to the area(s) to be treated.The energy from the CO2 laser is projected onto the skin in a columnated fashion, whereby millions of narrow independent light beams pinpoint the deeper layers of the skin. Through the dispersal of the laser light in a columnated fashion, not all of the surface area of the skin is affected, translating into a much quicker healing time. This laser treatment can effectively remove facial wrinkles and scars and even out pigmentation for a younger appearance. It can also be used to reduce photodamage, precancerous zones, and other facial lesions. Treated skin will appear firmer and smoother, skin color may be improved, and years of damage can be removed.