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Plastic Surgery and Non-Surgical Cosmetic Enhancements Flexible Payment Options

Payment & Financing

Everyone deserves to love the way they look. Glenn Vallecillos, MD, FACS offers a variety of flexible payment options, as well as healthcare financing through a number of lenders that we have partnered with. Below you will find more information about acceptable payment methods, insurance eligibility, and Financing through Health Care Lenders.

Payments Accepted

We accept all types of payment including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, cash, CareCredit, and Apple Pay.

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Insurance Accepted

In general, cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures are not covered by most insurance policies as they are considered elective procedures. However, depending on the insurance carrier and the type of policy carried, there are a few exceptions including breast reduction surgery for females and gynecomastia surgery for men, as well as lower body lift surgery for massive weight loss patients. Additionally, concurrent “cosmetic “ procedures can be performed in conjunction with functional surgeries. An example is a septoplasty in which a breathing obstruction in the nasal cavity is remedied. This can often be combined with a rhinoplasty procedure performed for cosmetic purposes, although the patient is held responsible to cover the costs of the cosmetic portion of the procedure in its entirety. Lastly, insurance coverage is always taken case by case as different insurance companies and plans cover varying procedures. Our office is out of network for most insurance companies.


CareCredit plastic surgery financing

For almost 30 years, CareCredit has provided a valuable financing option for treatments and procedures that typically are not covered by insurance, to pay insurance co-pays, or for times when insurance doesn’t cover the full amount. Simply put, CareCredit is a health, wellness, and beauty credit card you can use to help pay for any cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure you wish. The choice is yours: surgical procedures, dermatologic treatments and products, fillers and injectables, laser hair removal, and hair implants. Apply today to see how CareCredit can help you afford your chosen treatment.

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MD Credit

MD Credit Financing

MD Credit partners with your doctor to provide helpful, affordable, flexible payment plans for your cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure. MD Credit offers customers a dedicated credit line, fixed rate interest and minimum payment, and no pre-payment penalty. Depending on approval, MD Credit offers credit lines from $2,500 to $100,000. Apply online and receive most decisions within minutes.

MD Credit is a Los Angeles-based company operated by a team of finance professionals, credit technologists, medical trade partners, and customer service experts to revolutionize medical financing. MD Credit patients and care providers rely on us for exceptional customer service, competitive rates, and responsible payment options. MD Credit allows your doctor a unique ability to extend better terms to their patients.

We’re in Los Angeles!

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In Conclusion…

Worries about how to finance a procedure shouldn’t keep anyone from realizing their dreams of a youthful, attractive appearance. Dr. Vallecillos offers patients private financing, as well. He offers patients a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, liposuction, and rhinoplasty, as well as cosmetic treatments like injectables and fillers.

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