VASER Hi Def treatment is a liposculpturing system specifically designed to improve the definition of muscle groups, using ultrasound technology to target and eliminate fat cells while preserving connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerves.

The intention of the VASER Hi Def treatment is to help patients get rid of stubborn fat unaffected by diet and exercise. The procedure targets the fat layers that hide just under the skin. Results from these treatments are nothing short of amazing.

Of course, liposuction is a decades-old procedure and a popular choice for thousands of patients every year. The question is not whether traditional liposuction techniques work, but whether these new technologies are better or offer improved results.

VASERLipo: The Basics

Woman sitting on swing at beach after VASER Hi Def Treatment Beverly Hills CAWe discuss the VASERLipo treatment in detail in our procedures page, but for convenience, here are the basic details.

I begin the procedure by relaxing the patient via sedation, and then create incisions, less than a centimeter in length, at the treatment area. I then insert a long, narrow tube called a cannula, injecting a solution that numbs the area and shrinks blood vessels to minimize bleeding and bruising. Next, I insert the VASER device, which transmits sound waves that break up and separate fat cells without harming surrounding tissues. From there, a second, specially designed cannula sucks away the surface fat layer.

During healing, the patient’s skin retracts and becomes smoother. Patients see immediate results, as well as continued reshaping, with results occurring after three to four months.

VASER Hi Def Treatment Benefit #1: Minimally Invasive

One of the greatest benefits of many of these new technologies is that they are minimally invasive. Whenever possible, I prefer this type of procedure, as it involves less recovery time for the patient and comes with notably reduced risk and side effects.

Traditional liposuction (also known as suction-assisted liposuction) and power-assisted liposuction are much more invasive, with significantly greater blood loss. Recovery time is longer, with bruising lasting for several weeks and swelling lasting up to three or four months. The procedure requires stitches and drainage tubes, which are removed after 10 days. Each method is effective, but the invasive nature of traditional liposuction means that patients experience more discomfort and a longer recovery time.

In contrast, VASERLipo patients are on their feet in around 24 hours, with drainage typically ending within the first two days. Bleeding and bruising are minimal, as is swelling.

VASER Hi Def Treatment Benefit #2: The Results

All of the liposuction procedures we perform produce noticeable benefits for our patients. However, any procedure comes with a small level of risk wherein results may not match expectations, especially for certain body parts.

For example, traditional liposuction is not as effective on fibrous tissues, such as love handles and back fat. Power-assisted liposuction is also more likely to result in a less smooth, uniform appearance due to the machine’s method of breaking up and removing fat deposits.

The VASER Hi Def treatment produces smoother, more natural-looking contours, highly targeted to the treatment area, but with a feathering effect that guards against “shelving.”

VASER Hi Def Treatment Benefit #3: The Definition

The most significant difference of the VASER Hi Def treatment is its ability to get to the fat cells surrounding muscle groups. Traditional liposuction is unable to attack these fat cells, because it has such a large impact on surrounding tissues (hence the increased bleeding and bruising). The ultrasound technology of the VASER system leaves these surrounding tissues untouched, allowing you to treat areas much closer to the skin and muscle. Whereas traditional liposuction reduces fat deposits and gives patients a leaner physique, VASER Hi Def treatment gives them a more sculpted look, as it removes that surface layer of fat that surrounds muscle groups. You simply do not see this result with other liposuction procedures.

As technologies evolve and improve, I expect to continue seeing new non- and minimally invasive treatments to help our patients achieve the bodies they always dreamed of having.


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