child with sunglassesThe effects of the sun on skin aging and skin health are profound and should not be understated. One study revealed that 90 % of skin aging is due to the sun, and 90 % of skin aging occurs Before the age of 18 ! That means that most of the sun damage incurred in ones life is happening in the early years of life, a time when people are generally less fearful and cognizant of the effects of the sun.
Until something more effective and protective is developed by science, sunscreen remains the mainstay in anti-aging and cancer prevention for the skin. It’s not just for the beach: UV Rays are damaging to the skin in more ways than one. And it has recently been discovered that sitting under fluorescent lighting for long periods of time may be just as harmful to your skin as catching rays the old fashion way. UV rays are always unavoidable so it’s best to take preventative measures in your own hands and add it to our daily routine. Sunscreen is extremely beneficial in the prevention of sun damage in the form of wrinkles and melanin deposits or brown age spots. Not only is it good for your beauty routine, it is your best protection against skin cancer like melanoma. A recent study from Ohio State University concluded that using a SPF 30 could prevent your risk of melanoma by as much as 80% ! Thus, if you want to prevent signs of aging as well as fight cancer, be sure to apply a broad spectrum SPF 30 daily before you apply makeup.sunscreen protection graphic
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