A woman getting sun on her faceWhen you were younger, did you drench yourself in baby oil and fry in the sun, and are now left with sunspots and fine lines? Maybe you suffered from acne and now are left with dreaded acne scars. These skin concerns as well as others can make one’s skin appear prematurely aged and unhealthy, which is undesirable for anyone. You’d think it would take magic to reverse the unsparing effects of time, when really, there are a wide range of lasers that would do just that.

When you are considering undergoing a skin rejuvenation laser treatment, you have quite a few possibilities to choose from. Depending on your skin concerns and the results you would like to achieve, there are several skin rejuvenation laser treatments that may be right for you. Now, lets ‘clear a few things up’!



One thing to keep in mind is that lasers do not do tighten skin – if skin tightening is your goal, a possible option to consider is Ultherapy, which produces excellent results in the right patient profiles. What fractionated lasers will do is address various skin imperfections such as fine lines, photo aging or sun spots, wrinkles, scarring, stretch marks, and age spots. Fractional laser therapy stimulates your skin’s natural collagen, rejuvenating skin cells under the surface of the skin, creating a more confluent, youthful skin tone.

Laser done in conjunction with other treatments such as Botox, or even Ultherapy for skin tightening create natural, beautiful results. Each laser procedure is great in its own way and all have the same goal – To leave you with fresher, more youthful skin.

For a more thorough evaluation and assessment, contact the offices of Doctor Vallecillos. Doctor Vallecillos has personally and successfully performed thousands of skin rejuvenation fractionated laser treatments both as independent treatments and in combination with surgical procedures such as face lifts.

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