He is different then any plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.
You can relate to Dr. V, he’s real, he cares, and he’s genuine.


Fred Dibella

Reviews & Testimonials for Dr. Glenn Vallecillos.

Highest Professional Regard

I like to take this opportunity to share a wonderful experience, complete satisfaction, and high professional standard regard I have for Dr. Vallecillos.

During my initial consultation Dr. Vallecillos distinguished himself by taking the time to provide appropriate recommendations and explanations, in a quiet and comfortable environment, accommodating my need for privacy.

I was extremely impressed with the high level of service provided by his staff and was grateful for his gifted surgical skills.

Although I am a practicing registered nurse, I was anxious about the procedure. However, Dr. Vallecillos provided the assurance I needed to feel at ease. His pleasant demeanor and sense of humor, as well as his obvious professional passion and superior surgical acumen, made my overall experience one that exceeded all expectations.

I would highly recommend Dr. Vallecillos and feel fortunate to have met him.

Joyce M.

Registered Nurse

I absolutely trust this man with my life… he is detailed and very honest. I have had him tell me to no he’s not doing that on me because I don’t need it. I appreciate that in a doctor especially a plastic surgeon. He is loving, gentle and so educated on all the up and coming procedures. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon that has your best interest at hand Dr V is your guy!!!

Marjone Mamaghani

Owner-Operator , The M Factor Corrective Skin Care

Recommended by Top Plastic Surgeons

It is a great pleasure for me to recommend Glenn Vallecillos as a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. I have known Dr. Vallecillos for over 9 years and have personally witnessed his surgical skills.

Dr. Vallecillos is exceptionally intelligent, and displays an unnatural ability to acquire and retain information. He has the rare quality found in a surgeon of being both a concrete and abstract thinker with an exceptional eye for aesthetics, while at the same time displaying uncanny technical dexterity.

Doctor Vallecillos’ personal qualities are on par with his intellectual accomplishments. Not only is he a bright and talented surgeon, but he is also a compassionate physician and a great listener to his patients, a quality that is sometimes lacking among our professional colleagues.

When I decided to undergo a cosmetic surgical procedure, I had the means and resources to see any surgeon in America. I chose Dr. Vallecillos and made a transcontinental trip for my procedure. He and his staff exceeded all of my expectations. I could not be happier or more impressed with my results.

I endorse Dr. Vallecillos fully and without reservations.

Ben E.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Outstanding Physician & Superb Care

Dr. Vallecillos is an outstanding physician and surgeon who strives to provide superb patient care. I have worked with Dr. Vallecillos and admired his keen decision making and first-class surgical skills.

Dr. Vallecillos is a warm and caring person who forms special bonds with his patients. His patients are touched by his caring and excellent surgical results.

Dr. Vallecillos continues to stay current with the latest plastic surgical techniques. He takes an active role in education, and conducts seminars, instructing peers on the use of Botox and Juvederm.

Lastly, I am not only a colleague, but a patient of Dr. Vallecillos. His care and skill resulting in an outstanding cosmetic and functional result following a traumatic injury Any patient of Dr. Vallecillos will undoubtedly receive outstanding care.

Adam J Cohen, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Director, Center For Facial Rejuvenation, Chicago, IL

Seen by other Plastic Surgeons

I have known Dr. Vallecillos in the capacity of a physician and surgeon for over 11 years.

When deciding to undergo my cosmetic procedure, I chose Dr. Vallecillos due to his aesthetic eye, keen surgical sense, and superior surgical aptitude. In short, I trust his judgment and skill set. His results speak for themselves.

I am thoroughly satisfied with my results and recommend him without reservation.


California Plastic Surgeon

Very Happy with My Results

My experience with Dr. Vallecillos was great. I was afraid of the surgery and pain, but Dr. V. assured me that he would take care of me. I followed the before and after care instructions and the recovery time was quick: within two weeks I was back to work. In a month there was a noticeable change and people started making comments on how great I looked. My breasts feel and look very natural and my stomach looks great. I am very happy with the results and definitely would recommend Dr. V.

Isabel Rodriguez

Los Angeles, CA

Plastic Surgeon to the Stars

I have a friend who is an entertainment journalist… she knows all of Hollywood’s celebrity insider beauty secrets. When she told me about Dr. Vallecillos, I knew he must be the best of the best.

I was a bit nervous as this was the first time I was getting injectables (Botox and Juvederm). We spoke for quite awhile about what I wished to achieve. I wanted to have my lips plumped, but was fearful, as I had seen many “duck lips” in Hollywood. Dr. Vallecillos assured me that he would give my lips a natural and youthful appearance.

He answered all of my questions and I felt completely at ease. Did I mention that he is a perfectionist… a good thing when you are having work done on your face!

Fast forward five years, I have been seeing Dr. Vallecillos twice a year for what I call my Spring and Holiday sparkle magic. I secretly call him Dr. Lips… my lips look natural yet very sexy and youthful! I have highly recommended him to all my friends and family.

He recently did some surgery on a dear friend who had gone through some very challenging times. Her before and after was nothing short of miraculous. The best part is she feels and looks 10 years younger!

Thank you Dr. Vallecillos… You are The Best!

Nicole Pigeault

Beverly Hills, CA

I pride myself on looking young in a natural way and Dr. V has really helped me achieve that result. When I first came to him, I needed modification of a mediocre facelift. He did it over and the result was excellent. There was minimal pain and a quick recovery with the chin and neck area especially much improved. Then he did the Fraxel laser procedure on the skin on my face, neck and backs of my hands. All I can say is I often get compliments on my skin and I am very happy with it. I was so pleased with Dr. V’s work that I decided to correct a very tough problem: a botched liposuction which had left my stomach looking lumpy. No amount of abdominal crunches were able to correct this.

He did a mini tummy tuck with a small amount of lipo and the problem, a particularly difficult one, was solved. I can now wear a bikini no problem. In addition Dr. V stitched up a large scar going from scalp line to eyebrow, the result of an accident. This scar is less than a year old and is now barely visible. I find Dr. V very available to answer any questions I might have, trust him implicitly, and would recommend him without hesitation which I have already done.

Dr. V gave me a breast lift about a year and a half ago. I did not want to go any larger, I just wanted my breasts to be perkier. I am a size C already. Using the smallest saline implants so as not to increase the size, he lifted my breasts and repositioned the nipples, giving me a great result. There is a faint scar around the nipple which should fade even more with time but which isn’t noticeable. When I wear a low cut top I get many compliments.

Nancy Stoddart

Beverly Hills, CA

“Dr. Vallecillos is an amazing surgeon as well as person to work with. We met a few times before surgery and he did exactly what I asked. Dr. Vallecillos came highly recommended to me and I couldn’t be happier that he is the surgeon I chose. I am thirty years old and had never had any cosmetic surgery prior to meeting him . I just had a chin implant put in as well as minor lipo in the neck area. The results are amazing!! I am so happy I went to him. I would recommend Dr. Vallecillos to anyone for all cosmetic needs. If I have any work done in the future, he is the only person I will ever be going to!”

Idania M.

Manhattan Beach, CA

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