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Vitamin Rich Bruise Relief Cream with Arnica

Vitamin Rich Bruise Relief Cream with Arnica


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The problem with bruising is that it takes ages for the discoloration to fade back to normal. The older you get, the more delicate your skin becomes and the slower it takes to recover. This solution leverages the power of Vitamin Rich Bruise Cream w/ Arnica to reduce the appearance of the bruising and speed recovery. This bruise reduction treatment is the perfect accelerant required to hasten damaged skin back to a clear and untarnished appearance, saving you from annoying and inconvenient cover-ups. This topical cream works wonders on postoperative bruising following cosmetic surgery or injectables, and is also an excellent dimmer for Rosacea, Dark Circles, and hyperpigmentation.

Additional information

Weight 1.75 oz

• Speedy bruise recovery
• Fast and effective color reduction and dissipation
• Has a soothing and cool feeling


Apply a small quantity to affected area up to three times a day.

How it Works

Bruising and dark spots are the appearance of blood which has been released from the tiny capillaries of the battered area into the tissue under the skin. Over time the color eventually fades as the blood is absorbed back into the body and away from the surface. To halt the expansion and deepening of unsightly discoloration, we use
Vitamin K. This is the body’s natural blood coagulating agent which stops the spread of blood from seeping further. Individuals with low levels of Vitamin K will often experience wider and darker bruises, taking excessively long periods of time to recover as there is not enough Vitamin K in their systems to prevent or slow this from occurring. This Vitamin Rich Bruise Cream w/ Arnica has included a boost of Vitamin K to go directly to work on the damaged area, supplying your skin with the means to halt the flow of bruising and pause discoloration. Then to quicken the recovery process we use Arnica. This natural herb, rich with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties is a highly efficient vasodilator of blood capillaries. It drastically increases the fade back time, by escalating the recession of blood away from the damaged capillaries and back into the body. This helps return your skin to a flush and even color in a fraction of the time it would usually take. By combining these two powerful ingredients in a cool and soothing topical lotion, this Vitamin Rich Bruise Cream w/Arnica cream goes to work to repair cosmetically damaged areas, speeding up the color neutralization process and restoring your skin in just a few daily applications. Don’t let bumps and bruising ruin your image; invest in good looks and uniform complexion with this swift and safe solution.