Squalane Equilibrium Restoring Gel

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Designed for skin undergoing post procedural recovery such as laser treatment, microdermabrasion or chemical peels, this Squalane Gel is a pure moisturizer based in a soft hydrophobic water-trapping gel that uses Squalane derived from the natural pressing of olives. It is a hydrating, safe and extremely efficient conditioner, excellent for managing skin and smoothing out wrinkles, with impressive antioxidant and skin nourishing properties. This remarkable solution’s gel format ensures that the qualities of Squalane can be perfectly administered, restoring equilibrium and harmony to skin in need of a soft and delicate touch.

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Weight1.75 oz

• Smoothes skin and softens wrinkles
• Helps trap moisture in the skin
• Revitalizes damaged skin and stimulates healing
• Provides antioxidant Properties
• Inhibits UV and free radical damage
• Is stain free and odorless


Apply to clean skin every morning and evening. Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs. Do not ingest.

How it Works

Squalane occurs naturally as a component in human sebum and serves to lubricate and shield the skin. When we are young its levels are at its highest, but as we get older, our skin’s levels of Squalane diminish rapidly. By delivering Squalane to the skin we can compensate the levels lost with aging to those of a much healthier and younger appearance. This formulation only uses Squalane derived from olives. Olive Squalane is a natural botanical extract that comes from the very first cold pressing of olives. This is significant as it is derived without any chemical extraction or intervention. Since Olives only hold small quantities of Squalane, trace amounts are obtained at a time, which greatly contributes to its purity and value. Thanks to its stability and extended shelf life, Squalane it is a marvelous conditioner, delivering incredible relief to dry and irritated skin. Because of its tiny molecular structure, it is extremely effective and works at lighting fast pace. Squalane can permeate the skin at an astounding rate of 2mm per second. Being so easily absorbed, it goes to work immediately with its revitalizing, moisturizing action. Squalane is also an antioxidant that helps against UV damage and oxidization, by deactivating free radicals that are produced from UV exposure. Delivered to the skin in gel form, this is an excellent method to gently provide the revitalizing goodness of Squalane from the Olive to your skin, in a suitable and comforting solution.

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