Mommy Makeover Before & After

mommy makeover before photo slide 1mommy makeover before photo slide 1
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Mommy Makeover Patient Portfolio

Patient 1

Patient underwent an abdominoplasty with concomitation breast augmentation. The post-op photos were taken 7 months post-procedure.

Patient 2

Patient is a 48 year old female who underwent a mommy makeover, which included an abdominoplasty with lipoplasty of the flank region, and a primary breast augmentation through an infra-mammary incision. The patient is seen here at 6 months post-op. She is healing beautifully and her scars will continue to fade for the nest 12 months. She is extremely content with her results.

Mommy Makeover Before & After Side by Side

mommy makeover side by side

Patient underwent adbominoplasty and a primary breast augmentation. Post-op photos were taken 10 months post-procedure.

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