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AQUAGOLD Facial Los Angeles

AQUAGOLD Fine Touch is a microneedling treatment that uses 20 microscopic needles to deliver the patient’s chosen drug or biologic beneath the dermis, to any spot on the face, neck, or chest. Each needle is smaller than a strand of hair, made of surgical-grade stainless steel and coated with 24k gold. The steel core provides strength, and the gold coating prevents skin irritation.

Aquagold fine touch

AQUAGOLD Fine Touch Overview

The treatment enhances the results of nearly any in-office procedure and is nearly painless, thanks to the perpendicular application. The chosen treatment solution of the patient is loaded into the glass applicator, which releases the solution through the microneedles and directly into the skin. The most common anti-aging treatments patients choose are hyaluronic acid fillers and botulinum toxins.

An additional benefit of the microneedle process is the body’s natural healing response to repair each of these microscopic wounds, which is an increased production of collagen and elastin. This further improves and smoothes your skin’s appearance, helping reduce fine lines and other signs of aging.

Procedure Walk-Through

1. Preparation: Though microneedle treatments do not cause bleeding, patients are still encouraged to discontinue use of blood-thinning medications and supplements in the two weeks prior to receiving this procedure. These items include NSAIDs, aspirin, vitamin E, and Gingko biloba.

2. Anesthesia: As the procedure is virtually pain-free, anesthesia is not necessary.

3. Preoperative Consultation: Talk with Dr. Vallecillos about your desired results for this treatment. He will advise how many treatment sessions you require, as well as which anti-aging product meets your needs. Dr. Vallecillos will also advise you on pre- and post-treatment care.

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After cleansing your skin, Dr. Vallecillos places your chosen biologic into the glass applicator. The doctor then presses the device directly against your skin, allowing the microneedles to penetrate from a perpendicular angle. The doctor moves the applicator across the treatment area, delivering the treatment just beneath the dermis. The process is painless and takes an average of 20 minutes, depending on your individual needs.

For the best results, patients are encouraged to complete more than one treatment. Dr. Vallecillos will advise.

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Who is a candidate for a procedure?

Patients wishing to ease fine lines and wrinkles or improve their skin’s overall texture are ideal candidates for a procedure. Deeper wrinkles indicate the need for a different treatment. Discuss this with Dr. Vallecillos during your consultation.

What is the recovery time for AQUAGOLD Fine Touch?

Patients may resume normal daily activity immediately, though they should avoid direct sunlight for three days and wear sunscreen during that time.

Are there risks or side effects associated with AQUAGOLD Fine Touch?

There are virtually no risks. Side effects include possible redness lasting less than 24 hours, and sun sensitivity lasting approximately three days.

How long do the results last?

Results vary according to the anti-aging agent used. However, the collagen and elastin boost lasts three to four weeks for most but up to six months for patients undergoing multiple treatments.

Trust America’s leading aesthetic trainer, 20+ years of harnessing confidence and improving quality of life.