By Glenn Vallecillos, MD, FACS

Chemical Peel

Welcome to the home of GVMD Skin.  I am Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Glenn Vallecillos, MD, FACS. GVMD Skin is a proprietary and premium-grade collection of skin treatments and skincare products developed specifically for men and women alike seeking to have youthful, vibrant, and most importantly, healthy skin.

During its inception, I envisioned creating a unique selection of skin enhancements that would offer simple and effective solutions for some of the most common complaints in my patient population. When it comes to treating our skin, we’ve all expereinced visiting skincare retailers such as Blue Mercury and Sephora. We are bombarded with literally thousands of options to choose from.  So I asked my clients ( and myself) some basic questions before engaging on the journey of creating the GVMD Skin line:

  • How do we know what to choose ?


  • What are safe and effective skin enhancements during pregnancy  ?

In the end, I kept my goals laser focused. Generate a line of products that:  

1) Actually work

2) Both men and women alike can use and benefit from  

3) Address skin aging and prevention, no matter what your age

4) Keep it simple yet incredibly effective 

Below, I have given a short intro into some of our top line products. See what’s right for your skin.


The baseline moisturizer for GVMD Skin, HylaQuench is an intense hyaluronic moisturizer that contains Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer which has fifty times the water binding capacity of Hyaluronic Acid and with skin being five times more moisturized after 24 hours. It is light textured, paraben-free, fragrence free, propyl glycol free.  


Illuminate is our medical grade bleaching regimen with a high concentration of hydroquinone, used to treat recalcitrant age spots and photo aging.

Lit AF Brightening Pads

Infused with Kojic Acid and fortified with Arbutin, Lit AF Brightening Pads are great for treating hyperpigmentation, melasma skin tone, texture, and photoaging. It is a perfect non-hydroquinone alternative to Illuminate for pre-laser treatments.  

Mega CBE & Ferulic Super Serum 

Our flagship product, Mega CBE & Ferulic Super Serum is a highly potent anti-oxidant serum clinically proven to revitalize skin by diminish fine lines and wrinkles, building collagen and lightening skin blemishes.  For people searching for a simple solution to keeping their skin young and healthy, this is the perfect complement to our moisturier, HylaQuench and, of course, daily sunblock


Coming Soon !:  MelanErase is a light at-home peel system developed for GVMD Skin.


Skintite is our proprietary tretinion cream, used to treat acne and photo-aging by improving skin tone and texture through the stimulation of collagen production which leads to a clinically proven reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin Rich Bruise Relief Cream with Arnica

The Vitamin Rich Bruise Relief Cream with Arnica is a perfect solution for treating light bruising following injectables treatments, and surgical procedures.  Vitamin K, and essential factor responsible for blot clotting,  diminishes the development of bruising when applied topically. The effects of Vitamin K are supported by Arnica, which has also shown to reduce bruising when applied topically, in clinical studies. 

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