Natural breast augmentation (also known as a “fat transfer breast augmentation”), is a great alternative for patients looking for a natural and modest breast enhancement. The benefits of a natural breast augmentation include fewer incisions, higher level of sculpt and shaping abilities, minimal scarring and no risk of a capsular contracture. If you want to improve the appearance of your breasts while also losing unwanted body fat from the lower body in the same procedure, then a natural breast augmentation may be the procedure you’ve been looking for.

The Procedure

Instead of implants, the patient undergoes a liposuction, typically from the hips, waist, or thighs, as these areas are more likely to have enough fat cells to complete the procedure. The harvested fat goes through a purification process that typically leaves less than one-third of the fat available for transfer. Finally, the processed fat is injected into the breast via syringe. The process takes around five hours to complete.

What to Expect

Most women experience an increase of around one cup size, modest by most augmentation standards. However, it’s an ideal solution for those looking for that type of modest increase, or who had negative experiences with silicone implants in the past. It’s also a popular option for women undergoing breast reconstruction after a lumpectomy or mastectomy, or who wish to correct a genetic issue, such as tuberous breasts.

After the Surgery

Patients are typically back to their usual routine within two to three weeks. They must wear compression garments in the liposuction treatment area, but may not wear any type of compression garment in the breast area, including a bra. They must also avoid any compression in the area at all, including sleeping on their stomachs, to allow the greatest chance for the fat transfer to take.

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