Micro-needling therapy introduces controlled, microscopic skin injuries via micro-needles, inducing the body to increase production of collagen and elastin, repairing and improving the skin’s appearance. Needle length is adjustable for pinpoint accuracy in treating the diverse areas of the face, eyes, neck, and body. This technique is also used in combination with topical treatments, as the micro-channels allow deeper penetration of the patient’s chosen treatment.

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Dr. Vallecillos hold Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is concentrated, platelet-rich blood plasma that stimulates healing. Growth factors and cytokines found in PRP stimulate healing and new skin growth. In this procedure, a vial of the patient’s own blood is drawn and then placed in a centrifuge to separate the platelets for use in the treatment.

In numerous studies, this procedure proved highly effective in treating not only fine lines and wrinkles, but also acne and atrophic scars and stretch marks. Over 72 percent of atrophic scar patients experience excellent results with this treatment, and just fewer than 17 percent reported good results, with 11 percent showing no change. In an acne study comparing results with PRP to those with vitamin C, the PRP group experienced superior results, reporting excellent improvement at 2.5 times the rate as the vitamin C group.

Additionally, there is reasonable evidence that would suggest that micro-needling with prp to one’s scalp leads to tangible hair growth.

Procedure Walk-Through

  1. Preparation: Two weeks prior to your treatment, discontinue use of blood-thinning medications. This includes NSAIDs, aspirin, and supplements such as vitamin E and Gingko biloba.
  2. Anesthesia: Anesthesia is not necessary for superficial micro-needling treatments in conjunction with PRP, which patients compare to the feeling of sandpaper against skin. However, a topical anesthetic cream to improve comfort is available. Discuss this option with Dr. Vallecillos during your consultation.
  3. Preoperative Consultation: This is the time to ask questions and share your desired results with Dr. Vallecillos. The doctor will walk you through the various options to treat your skin complaints and help you make the right choice for your individual needs.

Micro-neeedling with PRP Procedure

If the patient elects to use the numbing cream, Dr. Vallecillos applies it one hour before treatment. Then, a small blood sample is taken from the patient and placed in the centrifuge to obtain the PRP. Next, the doctor applies a topical gel such as sterile saline as a lubricant to help the microneedle device glide smoothly over your skin.

Dr. Vallecillos places the microneedle device against the skin, gliding it across the entire treatment area and creating thousands of microscopic channels. Next, he applies the PRP topically, where it is quickly absorbed into the skin. The entire procedure takes approximately 20 minutes.

Most candidates require more than one treatment, scheduled four to six weeks apart.

Hair Restoration Treatment with PRP Micro-Needling

Micro-needling with PRP is very effective at stimulating hair growth also. The following pictures (images from Eclipse Micropen) show the progression of hair growth for a female patient over the period of one year. PRP Hair Restoration is effective for both men and women.