saline vs silicone comparison for breast implant material
A common question I frequently get asked from patients is, “ Which implant is ideal for me ? “ The answer, at a fundamental level, depends on a number of factors, including how much breast tissue you have, your chest dimensions, the “ quality” or laxity of your breast tissue, and lastly, the result which you’re perceiving as “ ideal “.
Breast implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes and implant composition. There is a teardrop shape, or a round shape. The teardrop shape provides a more natural looking breast with more fullness being at the bottom of the breast. Teardrop shaped implants have a textured outer layer, which prevents slippage or movement when inside the body to prevent a distorted breast shape. The round shape provides patients with a voluminous and perky breast, with fullness being more evenly distributed throughout the breast. Implants also vary in the projection, or how far they come out from your chest.

saline vs silicone breast implant comparison
Implant composition also varies as either silicone or saline filled. Saline, or saltwater filled implants allow the surgeon to make a smaller incision upon implantation because the implant is inserted empty, and then inflated once placed in the breast pocket. And if they so happen to leak or rupture, the body will absorb its contents. A downside to this type of implant is that they do not typically feel as natural as the silicone and may ripple in patients with thinner breast tissue.

woman's hands tearing apart an silicone implant for demonstration purposes

Silicone implants, such as Sientra’s “gummy bear” implants are filled with a cohesive gel and has a nice natural feel. More women choose these based on feel alone. The downside to these is that a longer incision is required upon implantation.

With such an array of choices, customizing a breast augmentation that is unique to the dimensions of the patient while at the same time provides that look they’ve always wanted is easier than ever. There is even an option to transfer a patient’s own fat cells to their breasts to achieve more volume. This is known as a natural breast augmentation, or a fat transfer breast enhancement. However, this requires a substantial amount of excess fat in order to provide optimal results. For the best advice, make sure you discuss your options with Doctor Vallecillos to customize a breast surgery that is right for you.

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