SculpSure – Get rid of stubborn body fat without surgery

SculpSure is a noninvasive fat reduction treatment. It’s fast – the procedure only take around 25 minutes – and practically painless with no downtime after treatment. It has a 98% satisfaction rating, with patients experiencing up to 24% fat reduction by 12 weeks. The procedure uses diode lasers to heat fat cells between 42 and 47 degrees Celsius. This kills the fat cells and the body flushes them away, causing the area to shrink. SculpSure also includes a cooling system that protects the skin from injury.

SculpSure Treatment Demonstration on the Home & Family Show

Dr. Glenn Vallecillos Demonstrates SculpSure on Kym Douglas from Hallmark Network Channel’s show, “Home & Family” and Kym shares her experience and before and after pictures from one treatment.
SculpSure Before and After Front and Back View Picture

Kym’s Before & After Picture Front View

SculpSure Before and After Side View Picture

Before & After Picture Side View

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Dr. V’s Personal Experience with SculpSure

Dr. Vallecillos sitting in his office at the plastic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills“At the beginning of 2017, I decided to give SculpSure a try, During my treatment, I had my nurse attach all four applicators to my lower back. My goal was to determine how well it would work and whether or not it was truly a minimally painless procedure. I must say, I’m very impressed with the results. The treatment itself was quick and easy. Even though the target area would heat up, the cooling system would kick in so I was comfortable throughout the procedure. I experienced some tenderness in the treatment area for the next day or two, but could immediately resume my regular activities and even went to the gym the next day. Then, after the five-week mark I experienced noticeable fat reduction and had tighter skin in the treatment area.”
SculpSure Treatment on Dr. Vallecillos

Dr. Vallecillos Tries SculpSure Treatment

Dr Vallecillos SculpSure Before & After Pic

Dr Vallecillos SculpSure Before & After Pic


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