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Superior Brazilian Butt Lift with VASER Liposuction

by | Apr 6, 2023 | Body

Contrary to the name, a Brazilian Butt Lift actually isn’t a lift at all. Instead, BBLs are a combination of liposuction from areas of the body such as the waist, thighs, or back, and a transfer of this fat to the buttocks area. The goal is a curvier shape with a narrower waist and larger rear. This specific procedure can achieve even greater results when combined with VASER liposuction, a specialized liposuction that harvests even more fat for greater results.

What is VASER Liposuction?

Vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance, or VASER, is a specialized technology that uses ultrasound energy to break up fat deposits by disrupting the bonds between fat cells. 


When employed for liposuction, the technology offers great benefits such as minimized downtime with optimized results. The VASER technology allows for even both superficial and deep fat deposits to be addressed as the cells are loosened from deeper tissues before removal. It is considered to be a gentler, more controlled form of liposuction as the surgeon is able to separate the fat and muscle without disrupting healthy tissue beneath. Thus, VASER liposuction allows for more precision in the fat removal process.  Despite the extra cost for the technology, the immediate and long lasting results make it well worth the investment.

How VASER Works

The procedure for VASER liposuction is similar to traditional liposuction with its special preliminary step. Ultrasound probes are first inserted into the skin through the small incisions made at the targeted areas. This gently breaks apart the fatty tissue and the normal liposuction process continues. A narrow hollow tube called a cannula is then inserted through the incisions to remove the fat. The surgeon moves the cannula back and forth through the fat layer as it is suctioned out of the body through an attached surgical vacuum. Because the fat is liquified easier than its traditional counterpart, you can be done with your procedure in a fraction of the time.

Safer Liposuction

This process is also safer than traditional lipo in terms of minimizing blood loss. Because so many less blood vessels are being injured as the fat is melted off and removed, less blood is leaked and removed during the procedure as well. The pro-inflammatory inducers contained by blood products can be detrimental to fat cells, so eliminating this risk produces cleaner healthier fat for the transfer. VASER liposuction produces less bleeding and bruising in patients, shorter recovery time, and a lower likelihood of damaging nearby blood vessels and nerves.

Higher Fat Graft Yield

The ultrasound energy of VASER liposuction allows for superficial fats to be removed, one step past the limit of traditional liposuction. Up to 40% more fat is harvested from the body to be transferred to the desired areas. Thus, patients with minimal fat for harvesting can still achieve their dream body and undergo the BBL procedure. Even those who have been previously told that they are not candidates for the procedure can achieve beautiful BBLS thanks to this increased harvest.

High Definition Liposuction

VASER technology is said to yield even greater results when it comes to removing fat, as the added precision allows for contouring to reveal muscle tone beneath the skin. Traditional liposuction only addresses fat deep within the body. However, VASER allows for both superficial and deeper fat to be removed, creating high definition liposuction results. Through this, surgeons can give their patients a beautiful contoured and toned waist, accentuating the patient’s curves even before completing the fat transfer. Some even say that the VASER technology makes the process less painful with a speedier recovery.

Closed-loop system via smoother fat harvest

The ultrasound technology of VASER liposuction cavitates, or essentially melts, the fat to allow for a smoother removal process. This means that the surgeon can use a closed-loop system, meaning the fat is kept in one sealed and sterile container for the harvest, purification processing, and injection phases of the procedure. There are a couple reasons why this is beneficial to the overall experience. First, the entire process is accelerated since there is only one container being used, cutting the time from hours to minutes. And secondly, the single container for all three phases lowers the risk of contamination as the procedure is completed, reducing the risk of infection. The quicker the fat can be returned back to the body, the higher the likelihood that the cells survive.

This also improves the overall fat graft take, as the smaller fat cells have a better rate of reestablishing their blood supply when transferred to their new location. Better vascular re-establishment leads to better fat graft take and consequently, greater retention of volume in the buttocks after recovery. Typically, about 30% of fat grafted is absorbed by the body after receiving a BBL, but the VASER technology can reduce this number to give greater results. This means that you can expect improved long term results from your procedure.

Smoother butt contour with less irregularities

Traditional liposuction removes fat only in clumps since fat cells typically adhere to each other. Thus when removed with a cannula as in conventional liposuction, the fat cells are removed in clumps which can create irregular contours if injected superficially. VASER solves this issue since the ultrasound energy melts the fat cells down to single cells which are much smoother, both on the removal and injection phases of the procedure. When injecting fat harvested via VASER liposuction the appearance is much more natural without bumps or abnormalities, even if superficially injected.

Treatment Areas

VASER can target any area of the body as typical liposuction, from legs to arms to abdomen. 

Am I a Good Candidate?

VASER liposuction is a great option for anyone looking to undergo the traditional liposuction, especially those.

Similar and Related Procedures

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a complicated procedure that can pose many risks during the different phases and steps. However, opting for VASER over traditional liposuction can make the experience safer and better overall. From improving the liposuction results to giving more content to perfect the fat transfer, there are many ways in which VASER liposuction can improve the results of a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Side Effects and Risks

While considered a very low-risk procedure, VASER liposuction can still come with some complications as seen under typical lipo such as bruising or bleeding, soreness at the site, scarring, swelling, or loose skin. However, most of these side effects are temporary and subside with recovery.

If you are interested in VASER liposuction, or even just curious as to how the procedure can help you reach your goals, feel free to call us at (310) 273-3007 with any questions you have. We will be happy to assist you and provide guidance to various treatment options, whether it concerns eyebrow divots or any procedure you are considering!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VASER?

Vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance, or VASER, is a specialized technology that uses ultrasound energy to break up fat deposits by disrupting the bonds between fat cells.

How is VASER different from liposuction?

VASER liquifies the fat cells by gently breaking apart the fatty tissue before suctioning it out through the cannula for liposuction. Thus, VASER is a technique that maximizes the efficiency of liposuction. 

Is VASER safer than liposuction?

VASER liposuction makes the process of liposuction safer by liquifying the fat cells, which means that surgeons do not have to perform the aggressive back and form motion within the body that can cause trauma to the skin, cells, and blood vessels. Because so many less blood vessels are being injured as the fat is melted off and removed, less blood is leaked and removed during the procedure as well. This makes the process safer than traditional liposuction alone.

Are BBLs safe?

One of the primary benefits of a BBL is that the procedure uses only the patient’s fat through the fat grafting technique, rather than employing implants. This not only gives the results a more natural look and feel, but also minimizes the risk of the body rejecting its own fat as a foreign object, which would bring on negative reactions. 

However, the BBL procedure comes with an array of risks in the area of injection. The buttocks have a lot of blood vessels, some of which are quite large, that drain into the inferior cava and subsequently the heart. This makes the area of fat injection risky because the fat can be introduced into the venous system instead of the intended destination, clogging arteries as it enters the bloodstream. This is known as fat embolism, and can lead to disastrous health issues if the fat enters and obstructs blood vessels to the heart and lungs. Thus, the BBL proposes a higher mortality rate compared to other plastic surgery procedures.

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