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SculpSure vs. CoolSculpting: Which is Right for You?

by | May 27, 2021 | Body

Until recently, there were few options for patients who exercise and follow a healthy diet, yet still suffer from stubborn pockets of fat. This is due to the body’s natural composition.

The human body typically has a fixed number of fat cells. These cells become bigger as we gain weight and smaller as we lose weight, but the actual number of cells remains constant. This is why people often find themselves struggling, and failing, to gain greater definition in the abdominal area. No matter how many crunches you perform, that layer of fat remains.

When CoolSculpting came on the scene a few years ago, it offered patients a noninvasive fat reduction solution, using suction and the application of extreme cold to destroy fat cells. Over the next few months, the patient’s lymphatic system naturally flushes these destroyed fat cells out of the body.

As is common with medical technology, another noninvasive fat reduction solution was also in development. SculpSure received FDA approval in 2014 and is now available as a fat reduction tool.

A similar idea with radically different execution, SculpSure uses heat and laser technology to destroy this same layer of fat cells. It does not require suction, making the procedure possible even for patients without an inch or more of “pinchable” tissue.

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How do the Treatments Compare?

Though the two treatments perform the same basic body sculpting function – eradicate fat cells in the treatment area – they vary dramatically in a variety of ways.


Category SculpSure CoolSculpting
Time 25 minutes 60 minutes
SculpSure takes less than half the time as CoolSculpting.
Technology FDA cleared, uses laser technology and heats fat cells to destroy them FDA cleared, uses suction and freezes fat cells to destroy them
SculpSure’s laser technology allows greater accuracy in the treatment area.
Applicators Uses up to 4 laser applicators simultaneously Uses 1 suction applicator
SculpSure not only takes a shorter amount of time to perform – less than half – it also allows patients to treat up to four areas at a time. This means that, if the patient is eliminating love handles, both sides may be treated in a single 25-minute session. CoolSculpting, on the other hand, does not allow treating multiple areas due to the type of applicator the procedure uses. This means that the same procedure to eliminate love handles takes two hours, instead of 25 minutes.
Recovery There is no recovery time. There is no recovery time.
Both treatments are noninvasive and therefore allow patients to return to normal activities immediately. However, CoolSculpting patients have reported “delayed onset pain” within days of treatment, wherein they experience burning, stabbing, shooting pains that do not respond to pain medications.
Comfort Applicator is flat and cool, and cools surrounding tissues while heating fat cells to maintain patient comfort. Patients typically report a mild tingling sensation. The suction-based applicator, length of treatment, and post-treatment massage combine to make the procedure uncomfortable, and may cause nerve damage.
Patients report fewer feelings of discomfort with SculpSure, thanks to the accuracy of the laser, and the cooling treatments to maintain a comfortable temperature.
Candidates The applicator allows treatment even on people with less fat and/or loose skin. Patient must have enough fat/loose skin to suction into the applicator, at least 1 inch.
SculpSure’s laser application allows treatment for those with tighter body types, whereas CoolSculpting works better on patients with more fat.
Treatable Areas FDA approved for abdomen and flanks/sides FDA approved for abdomen, flanks/sides, inner thigh, outer thigh, double chin
SculpSure’s laser application allows treatment of multiple areas simultaneously, and many providers extend treatment to below the neck, inner and outer thighs, above the knees, bra line, and calves. CoolSculpting’s applicator does not offer the same level of flexibility.
Cost Average per treatment = $1,500 (uses four applicators at once)

Small applicator average = $600

Large applicator average = $1,500

CoolSculpting’s small applicator is equal to two SculpSure applicators; the large applicator is equal to four.
Efficiency 24% permanent fat reduction, visible within 6-12 weeks 22% permanent fat reduction, visible in 2-4 months
Patients of both procedures experience continued fat loss for weeks after the treatment, as the body flushes away the destroyed fat cells. Final results are permanent, as the fat cells do not regenerate.
Results Laser treatment allows for a smoother result, thanks to heat dispersion and feathering up to 5 cm beyond treatment area Results may appear uneven, irregular, lumpy, or even “shelf” due to the fact that only suctioned fat is treated


Though both treatments offer patients a viable, noninvasive solution to eliminate stubborn fat deposits, SculpSure’s laser technology comes out on top in nearly every metrics. Results are more accurate and reliable, the body sculpting treatment is faster and more easily tolerated, and no patient has reported the same types of negative after-effects CoolSculpting patients have, such as delayed onset pain and nerve damage.

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