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Butt Liposuction: Sculpting Your Curves

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Body

What is Butt Liposuction?

The hips and butt are a highly sought after area of surgery to create the ideal body. Liposuction of the buttocks can create transformational results with sexier, firmer curves and produce a toned, rounded butt. By removing fat from the lower back, the waist is narrowed, giving the buttocks a bigger look by comparison, even without injections or fat transfer. 


Butt liposuction allows patients to achieve a rounder, perkier butt without invasive procedures such as injections, incisions, or skin removal. Through removal of excess fat tissue beneath the skin of the outer and inner thighs, around the waist and lower back, butt liposuction can help to bring back a youthful appearance and shape the buttocks.

Butt liposuctions also revise unfortunate results of previous procedures. One example of this is removing micro silicone elements after being injected into the butt cheeks. These materials over time leak into the buttocks, and are no longer performed because of their low standard. 

Another common use of butt liposuction is for BBL revision in the cases where too much fat has been transferred to the buttocks region. In this case, the liposuction is completed directly on the butt to balance out excess or misplaced fat.

Cost and Pricing Structure 

Liposuction of the buttocks can range in cost from $3,000-$5,000. This price depends on the amount of fat to be removed, the number of areas being treated, and the size of the patient. 

How the Procedure Works

The name butt liposuction may be somewhat misleading, as many surgeons address surrounding areas instead of the buttocks directly when undertaking butt liposuction. This is because framing of the buttocks region helps achieve the ideal look for their backside, creating natural harmony and proportion throughout the whole lower body areas. Improving the overall appearance can often benefit from focusing on areas such as the hips, lower back, and posterior, exterior, inner and/or medial thighs. 

Before and Preparation

Before liposuction, your surgeon will give specific instructions on how to prepare for the procedure. Generally, patients will undergo blood work to ensure safety with anesthesia. One can also expect to stop smoking and certain blood thinning medications. 

During the Procedure

The procedure is performed as the standard liposuction, using a thin steel tube called a cannula to suction out excess fat via small incisions placed around the targeted areas. Remaining parallel to the skin, the surgeon then carefully moves the cannula back and forth through the fat layer. The excess is either discarded or purified for fat transfer. This process typically takes about two to four hours, depending on the amount of fat to be removed with only a couple weeks of recovery following. 

Aftercare and Recovery

Recovery after butt liposuction only takes a couple of weeks following the procedure. During this downtime, patients should minimize any physical or strenuous activity. Patients can leave the hospital the same day and typically only need bandages and compression garments to help reduce swelling. In the couple of weeks following the procedure, patients may have small drains in addition to garments inserted to prevent fluid build-up. Patients can expect to see full results after about a month, and results are considered near permanent if the patient maintains their weight and lifestyle. 

Am I a Good Candidate?

The ideal candidate for butt liposuction is a patient with a large, protuberant back side seeking to reduce the general size or improve the shape of their rear and body. Depending on the patient’s body type as well, the doctor may remove fat from surrounding areas to create the best shape. Ideally, this patient has a thick layer of fat in the buttocks and surrounding region to be removed, shaped, and toned. It is also important that the patient plans to maintain their body weight to ensure their results, as significant weight gain or loss can disrupt their appearance.

Similar & Related Procedures

Butt liposuction is often complemented by other procedures to achieve the desired look, such as fat transfer to the buttock. A combination of different treatments in conjunction with the butt liposuction may be the best pathway to reconstructing an unappealing shape. For example, employing fat transfer to one region with liposuction in other regions can help to achieve the ideal results. 

Many have heard the term BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) regarding butt enhancements, but surveys have shown that creating the ideal butt shape goes beyond just size. While the BBL employs liposuction plus fat transfer, a butt liposuction strictly removes fat from the buttocks or surrounding regions to sculpt the body. Studies of desired female buttocks characterize nuances in both shape and size as important factors across spectrums of age and ethnicity. When seeking out liposuction, it is important to find a surgeon that approaches the treatment comprehensively to ensure an ideal butt shape and proportion.

Side Effects & Risks

Like any surgical procedure, liposuction comes with its risks such as bleeding or negative reaction to the anesthesia. Other potential risks include contour irregularities which may appear as bumps or waves under the skin due to damage from the cannula during the procedure. Patients may also experience temporary fluid accumulation, addressed by the drains, temporary numbness, infection, or fat embolism. For the most part, these risks are temporary and can be corrected/addressed so as not to pose lasting negative results. 

An important note with liposuction is that the procedure removes fat cells from the body, so significant amounts of weight gain will deposit the fat in different parts of the body. Thus, significant weight gain can lead to uneven distribution of fat after the procedure.

If you are interested in undergoing liposuction treatment, or even just curious as to how the procedure can help you reach your goals, feel free to call us at (310) 273-3007 with any questions you have. We will be happy to assist you and provide guidance to various treatment options, whether it concerns eyebrow divots or any procedure you are considering!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a fat removal procedure in which a thin steel tube called a cannula is used  to suction out excess fat via small incisions placed around the targeted areas.

How is butt liposuction different from a BBL?

Butt liposuction refers strictly to the removal of fat from the buttocks or areas around the buttocks to help create the appearance of a larger rounder butt without fat transfer. The BBL combines such techniques with fat harvesting from other areas of the body (typically the stomach or thighs) and then transfer to the buttocks and hips. This creates a larger buttocks and gives a more dramatic hourglass shape.

Is liposuction better than a BBL?

This question largely depends on the goals of the patient. If you are looking for a rounder curvier appearance with wider hips than you currently have, a BBL may be the route to go. Moreso, the fat transfer of the BBL allows for more drastic results, while butt liposuction will provide more natural results. Ultimately, however, butt liposuction is much safer than the BBL as it is simply a removal of fat from strategic areas to create a shaplier, more rounded appearance.

Can you liposuction your buttocks?

Yes, liposuction of the buttocks can create transformational results with sexier, firmer curves and produce a toned, rounded butt. By removing fat from the lower back, the waist is narrowed, giving the buttocks a bigger look by comparison, even without injections or fat transfer. Fat can be removed from the buttocks as well to help create a more rounded look.

How long is recovery for buttocks liposuction?

Recovery is typically around 2-4 weeks, with patients returning to typical physical activity within a month of their procedure.

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