Intimate health is very important for both men and women. Intimate health not only matters to the partner of every woman but more importantly, to herself. A woman respects, carries and flaunts her body, even in the comfort of her own privacy.  The confidence which helps her move ahead is incomplete without accepting her body with love and care. Vaginal health and vaginal well-being is as important as the health of hair, face and any other part of the body. Women want to be flawless in every way possible, and understandably so. It is a normal and healthy human desire. 

Many women are lucky enough to be content with their feminine health and appearance.  However, there are a fair share of women that suffer from unwanted and unpleasant vaginal aesthetics. This may be a consequence of childbirth, or simply the way that they were born.  Either way, it can play on a woman’s psyche which ultimately affects her self-esteem and happiness. 

For women, the joys of motherhood opens a new world of undefined boundaries of unconditional love for their child.  The newfound self-consciousness from observing the changes in the health and appearance of their vagina and labia, however,  may instill anxiety. Other than the changes incurred subsequent to childbirth, increase in weight and ageing causes the inner or outer labia to increase in length and become lax.  Sexual activity, exercise and activities like riding bikes may become painful and uncomfortable. For many women, wearing tight dresses or intimate clothing becomes out of the question.

During childbirth, the vagina and labia undergo extreme duress.  The shape of the labia changes and the elasticity is impacted due to the massive stretching forces incurred secondary to passing a baby through the vaginal canal.  The laxity produced in the labia majora and labia minora gives a saggy appearance to the area. As mentioned early, even outside of childbirth, some women are born with redundant or “ extra skin “ of the labia, which by many is perceived as undesirable.

To get back their confidence and self-esteem, especially in front of their partners, women may choose to undergo labiaplasty surgery.  This aesthetic surgical procedure provides immaculate results by optimizing the elasticity, excising of extra or redundant skin, and giving an overall pleasing and youthful aesthetic to the labia.

Many women inquire about the longevity of labiaplasty results.  The results are permanent.  They can enjoy their newfound beauty the moment surgery is completed.

Does labiaplasty involve the vagina as well?

Labiaplasty does not involve the vagina per se, although labiaplasties are commonly performed in conjunction with vaginoplasties. There is a slight, but important difference, between the two surgeries. Both vaginoplasty and labiaplasty are indeed vaginal rejuvenation procedures. Vaginoplasty is an aesthetic and functional surgical procedure which aims to tighten the vaginal canal and diminish the size of the introitus or vaginal opening. This procedure results in a tight and remodeled vagina. Excess skin and mucosa are carefully dissected and excised, and the internal muscles are then sutured together to optimized tightness.  The result is a pleasing appearance and feel. This procedure is commonly considered by women who find their vagina loose and slack after delivering a child. As far as labiaplasty is concerned, it is another aesthetic surgical procedure in which the shape of labia is improved upon. There are two sets of labia, casually called lips, which surround the vagina. The inner set of labia is small while the outer set of labia is bigger hence called labia minora and labia majora respectively. Sometimes the inner labia outgrow outer labia, therefore, women opt for a labiaplasty to achieve better aesthetic balance of their vaginal region. 


What to expect after labiaplasty?

Expect the best! Many women elect to have labiaplasties performed awake.  Should you elect to have it done under a general anesthetic, after waking up you will be surrounded by your recovery nurse team.  You may feel slight pain and discomfort down there, although the numbing is usually very effective at controlling any significant amount of discomfort.  Immediately after surgery, you will experience swelling and spot bleeding. To provide comfort nurses place absorbent soft cotton and ice the labial region immediately after surgery.

Recovery after Labiaplasty

The recovery after labiaplasty is manageable and straight forward if you stick to your surgeon’s instructions. Most preferably, keep the pelvis elevated whenever possible.  This helps reduce swelling. After about 1 week of surgery, you can return to your normal lifestyle and work. For up to 3 weeks after surgery, it is strongly encouraged to avoid strenuous activities and exercises.  Sexual activity is typically refrained from for a period of 6 weeks, until the labial tissue is well healed and no longer tender to the touch. Sexual intercourse in this state is usually painful, may incite spot bleeding.  Let the incision heal and stitches dissolve. You can enjoy a confident intimate life ahead!

The results of labiaplasty are permanent!

Your age, weight or post-childbirth trauma to the labial region may compel you to consider  a labiaplasty.  Before surgery, there are various nervous and confused thoughts roaming in mind. The most common thought is about the results. The results of labiaplasty are permanent. When the extra skin of labia is excised, there is no going back. You can celebrate the health of your labia forever. Now you can ride bikes, exercise, run, wear tight clothes and dress intimately without worrying about the extra length of labia poking through your garments or causing discomfort. 

Moreover, labiaplasty does not affect fertility, orgasms, sexual intercourse and other relevant functions. Pregnancies, sexual intercourse and childbirth via C-section deliveries do not compromise the results of labiaplasty.

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