Treatment options for the aging décolletage, a fancy term for the ” aging chest ” encompasses a multi-modal approach in order to address all the components of skin aging of the chest.  First and foremost, I like to initiate treatment to the chest by “cleaning the slate”, so to speak. By that I mean that any underlying skin damage it exists including fine lines in wrinkles and sunspots need to be eradicated or at least minimized so the skin can be an optimal shape prior to other treatments.  


The Aging Décolletage and Energy-based Treatments

Energy-based treatments offer an excellent option for revitalizing the Aging Décolletage. With newer technologies such as Fraxel and Morpheus8, the downtime is considerably less than the old days of fully ablative CO2 lasers, such as the Total FX and TCA peels, which although offer exceptional results, also, come with the price of a substantial downtime.

To offer the best of both worlds, I combine the chest energy treatments of Fraxel and Fractora.  Why ?: The Morpheus8 offers the advantage of deep soft-tissue remodeling which rivals depths of a CO2 laser, without the downtime.  Additionally, with the Fractora, skin remodeling can be achieved on any skin type – an option not possible with CO2 lasers.  Additionally, the combined treatment with a Fraxel laser allows for non-ablative skin resurfacing, while also addressing issues including sun spots, age spots, redness, and fine lines and wrinkles.  Indeed, the combined treatment offers the ultimate in terms of skin remodeling and resurfacing – all with a short downtimes and minimal discomfort.

The Aging Decolletage & Transdermal Microtherapy

A skin rejuvenation protocol that is much more popular in Europe than the United States, transdermal microtherapy entails treating the aging décolletage with a combination of anti-oxidants, Botox,  growth factors, and hyaluronic acid.  In doing so we address and combat many of the effects of sun damage and skin aging.

 Lets take a deeper look: The vitamins and growth factors help to induce the synthesis of collagen in the skin by promoting the stimulation of fibroblasts, the cells that produce new collagen.  Botox, and similar neurotoxins such as Dysport, act at a cellular level by inhibiting the role of myofibrils in the skin, and in doing so relaxing fine lines and wrinkles. As a side note, we see this same effect in the face when we get Botox treatments, as the skin appears radiant and with improved texture. 

Lastly, the addition of hyaluronic acid to the treatment protocol provides several advantages to the skin including increasing hydration at the dermal level thus giving the skin a more moisturized appearance while also improving skin tone and elasticity. The secondary benefit of hyaluronic acid is a little more technical, but worth mentioning:  Hyaluronic acid helps to reduce inflammation in the skin by binding to a cytokine called CD-44, which downregulates the generation of pro-inflammatory molecules in the skin.  It also reduces the skin concentration of MMP-9,  which has been shown to have direct ties to the destruction of both elastic and collagen.  


Step Two: Transdermal Microtherapy

While skincare, for many, is a daily burden, it nonetheless provides the best option for mitigating the effects of aging on the skin. In my practice I don’t like to overburden my clients with unnecessary and costly skin care products. I prefer to recommend customized products that work, and keep the treatment protocol simple, yet effective. My foundational products for skincare include medical grade tretinoins, medical grade vitamin C, and obviously superior sunblock products. A blend of other products can be added to this combination, depending on the client’s particular needs and skin deficiencies. 

Thank you for visiting my blog on the management of the aging décolletage, and please follow our future blogs related to this topic where I will discuss specific skin care products, how they work, and why they work ! Stay tuned …

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